Meet Paul Trudel-Payne

Paul is one of those people where you meet, and you immediately hit it off. We talked for maybe an hour, non stop, relating, laughing and realizing that we had both met someone that we needed to know! After talking to Paul the first time, I wanted to invite him to join us on Uncorked. I knew he had valuable information to share with us about his many passion projects that he has managed to turn into crazy successes.

Paul is a Realtor, Designer, Creative Business Coach/Consultant, Personal Development & Lifestyle Blogger. He has a degree in Marketing and Business Management and it's obvious!

One thing special that drew me to Paul is that he is an advocate for Mental Health, Wholistic (Mind, Body Soul) Wellness and Diversity & Inclusion. He LOVES learning peoples stories, helping industry pros and businesses to see their true potential, and he especially loves creating experiences that allow someone to escape the busy of everyday life, and capture a moment that will become unforgettable.

He isn't from San Diego, but he absolutely loves it here for very special reasons. And, as he has warned us, it does sound very woo woo, but here we go. Paul says, "My favorite thing about San Diego is the energy. I will always love the Pacific Northwest, but there is an intangible energy about SD, that almost seems electric. It's not a busy or loud energy, but more grounding and healing. I feel like everything that makes me me, including a lifetime of personal baggage, is somehow lighter here in SD. It’s easier to breathe here. There is an unspoken permission that is given for you to experience the moments so you truly enjoy life here. I don’t know too many people here just yet, but I can say I feel very at home already in SD."

How AMAZING does Paul make our fine city sound!! Do you agree?

One of my favorite things that Paul and I talked about on the show is how he is a Lifestyle Entrepreneur, obsessed with all things Home. He has multiple businesses and with that, fills many different roles, but that is his favorite part. He pursues his passion projects and because he pours so much love into every part of his business, he is able to make a living doing what he loves. His main narrative is that as long as he can help others, he will find fulfillment.

When asked about being a successful entrepreneur he told us, "It’s the freedom to explore all of my passions, not limiting the ways I can help others and never feeling like one decision has to determine the path I take for the rest of my life. It makes all the struggle, uncertainty, and risk of failure, worth it." That is so good Paul!!

You can find Paul currently consulting and designing with his "Casa Consult+Design" creative business consulting & coaching for home industry pros and other creatives. And creating effortlessly beautiful interiors for residential and commercial spaces. Offering virtual interior styling and design services, across the US.

Also catch his blog, "The Dada Diary"

Personal Lifestyle & Family Blog, featured on LifeHacker, Seattles Child Magazine, Gays with Kids and many more. Just two gay dads, surviving life with a toddler. Sharing their fave parenting tips, trusted life hacks and top daddy must-haves, so you can survive parenthood too!

And as mentioned on Uncorked, Episode 9, "Scent of Being" - the most amazing fragrance line that I can NOT WAIT for. Launching this winter, but of course, I got my hands on a couple of incredible candles that my friends have already tried stealing from me. Scent of Being is an innovative line of Lifestyle Aromas to help you Ignite the life you deserve and discover the beauty in simply being. Utilizing the principals of Neuro-linguistic programming, the scientific benefits of aromatherapy and the restorative properties of holistic healing, to transform any space into an experience. Or in other words, they create a fragrance for every room that is the PERFECT fit!

A fun fact about Paul, as if I haven't already given you several reasons to love him....

Before he found his natural talents and passions with all the business and home stuff, he actually wanted to go into the arts and become a singer/song writer. OH MY GOSH! Are we like the same person Paul???

Lastly, what's his favorite kind of wine?

Rose all day! Paul likes to not know he is drinking wine. So he likes the super juicy, light and refreshing wines. That's okay Paul, I will just have to drink Cabernet Sauvignon with our new mutual friend, Cheryl!

On Episode 9 of Uncorked, Paul #uncorks a 2018 Rosé from Tank Garage Winery from Napa Valley, “Stars like Ours” It was pretty darn good!!! Thank


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